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نجوم الرقص الشرقي

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Hot Egyptian Belly Dance رقص ساخن

Hot Egyptian Belly Dance رقص ساخن

Egyptian belly dance is one of the most ancient styles of dance. Its patterns are based on the natural curves and movement tendencies of your body and the result looks absolutely mesmerizing. If you are not fond of rapid and sharp dancing styles and prefer more flowing and ethnic ones, learning belly dancing is the first choice you should consider protocol.

Gulf Dance TV 🌸 رقص خليجي

رقص خليجي

Belly dancing is becoming more and more popular around the world because of its beauty and inner power. Among several established traditions, the most popular ones are Turkish and Egyptian. Egyptian oriental dance stands out as a unique style with authentic movements.

Hot Morocco رقص مغربي - جزائري

Hot Morocco

We had such an amazing time with the bellydancers from this company ! Our event was a school semi formal and everyone had an amazing experience, the bellydancers got everyone involved and everyone got up to dance. It was definitely the highlight of our night. I would recommend them to everyone.

Hot Lebanon Belly Dance رقص مولع

Hot Lebanon Belly Dance رقص مولع

"Belly Dance" or "Municipal" Dance An art that began with the Pharaohs in Egypt, and being a part of the country's culture and civilization despite the continued refusal of a large segment of the Egyptian society to the profession. Not only did the dancer in Egypt appear in cabarets or the2017aters and weddings, but entered the world of cinema and drama, and sometimes the world of politics. Egyptian belly dance can add some exotic and oriental luxury to your party. All of your visitors will not be able to look away from the marvelous show. The stunning performance as well as the gorgeous and colorful costumes of our dancers will not give them the chance to get bored.

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